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Powder Masking Set

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Our Herbal Mask uses skin-loving herbs, protecting zinc oxide, and soothing aloe to help calm and repair the skin. Powder masks can be tailored to your skin by adding your choice of liquid. Experiment with water, hydrosols, teas, milk, yogurt, honey, facial oil, and more. Try something different each time depending on what your skin needs. Here are some examples:

  • Simple version: mix with water
  • For puffiness: mix with cooled green tea
  • For hydration: mix with honey
  • For exfoliation: mix with yogurt (the lactic acid in yogurt is a natural chemical exfoliator)

Our ceramic bowls were handmade in Cincinnati, Ohio by Amy Boullé of Tryst Studios. Each bowl is slightly unique in size and glaze. All are a beautiful addition to your bath and home.  

These bowls are perfect for mixing your Herbal Powder Mask with your choice of liquid. The tapered rim keeps your mixture in the bowl, and the finish makes cleanup easy. 

When you're not mixing up a mask, use them to hold jewelry, hair ties, and all the little things you need to corral.


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