Meet the founder

You are worth the investment in self-care with safe and honest body products. Let's walk this journey together.

Wading through a sea of skincare
You want to take care of yourself and your family with safe ingredients that  won’t irritate your skin. Unfortunately, there are a lot of products out there, and they come with a lot of confusing claims and ingredients. It's overwhelming to wade through the sea of skincare options. I know!

I was there, looking at the ingredients on the bottles over and over to figure out which product was the safest, which one would be most effective, and (for the love!) which one would combine safety AND effectiveness.

How I got here
I'm Vicki Rye, the one behind Ryes & Shine. I started down the path of natural living almost a decade ago. Through infertility, allergies, skin issues, pregnancy, and sensitivities, I looked for the most natural and effective ways to help and heal. So many products on the market included a laundry list of ingredients I couldn't pronounce, or that irritated my skin. I didn't know what I could trust or where I could turn.

When DIYs and products on the market weren't working for me, I decided to go to school for natural and organic skincare formulation. I learned about the skin, the best ingredients for natural skincare, and how to formulate safe products. I started making products that better served me—that I couldn't find on the market. And I just had to share them with those who are struggling like I was.

You've found your skincare BFF
My mission is to help you cut through the overwhelm of choosing natural skincare products. Instead of endless searching, reading, and testing, you get to take back your time, feel confident in what you put on your skin, and find nourishment and delight in skincare. You get a skincare BFF and products you can trust. You deserve it!

Let me know how I can help, or join me on social media to learn more.